Don’t just pay for fuel anymore… Fuelcharge it
Don’t just pay for fuel anymore… Fuelcharge it

Fuelcharge is revolutionising how Australians pay for their fuel.

Fuelcharge is a mobile app that lets you pay for fuel at participating locations for your car, truck, bus, boat, plane or helicopter without having to swipe your credit card. Simply open the app before you leave your seat, select your bowser and set-up the payment and then you’re ready to refuel and go!

Download Fuelcharge from the App Store or Google Play for FREE today.



Fuelcharge is backed by one of the world’s leading payment processing providers who are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. All of your payment information is encrypted to the highest standards available.

A way to support Australian owned businesses

Fuelcharge is Australian owned and operated and stands to support other Australian businesses.

A way to avoid the queue

Don’t let social distancing get in the way of fuelling up your car. Avoid the queue at the counter and pay for fuel from the comfort of your seat.

No up-selling

Fuelcharge won’t tempt you (or the kids) when you go to checkout. Fuelcharge sticks to what it does best… helping you get back on the road, in the air, or out to sea, faster.

A cashless and card-less transaction

Don’t stress if you forget your wallet. Payment information only needs to be uploaded once. Fuelcharge takes care of the rest. If you’ve got Apple Pay set-up on your mobile device already then there’s no need to even add a credit card to your profile.

Digital record-keeping

Go 100% paperless. Fuelcharge keeps a digital record of all of fuel usage and receipts so you don’t have to go digging around the car to find a docket again.

Where You Can Refuel With Fuelcharge

Fuel is near you in the following Queensland locations

  • IOR Barcaldine | 1 Ironwood Drive, Barcaldine QLD 4725 | Diesel and AdBlue
  • IOR Blackall | 3 Banksia Street, Blackall QLD 4472 | Diesel and AdBlue
  • IOR Boulia | 9 Herbert Street, Boulia QLD 4829 | Diesel only
  • IOR Bowen | 13 Jurgens Place, Bowen QLD 4805 | Diesel and AdBlue
  • IOR Capella | 24 Hibernia Road, Capella QLD 4723 | Diesel only
  • IOR Charleville | 3 Coolibah St, Charleville QLD 4470 | Diesel only
  • IOR Charlton | Address | Diesel and AdBlue
  • IOR Charters Towers | Clara Road, Charters Towers City QLD 4820 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Chevallum | 5 Palmetto Street, Chevallum QLD 4555 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Chinchilla | Cnr Taylor St & Emmerson St, Chinchilla QLD 4413 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Clermont | 16 Gregory Lane, Clermont QLD 4721 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Cloncurry | Sir Hudson Fysh Drive, Cloncurry QLD 4824 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Cunnamulla | 121 Emma Street, Cunnamulla QLD 4490 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Dalby | Volker Street, Dalby QLD 4405 | Diesel Only
  • IOR Dinmore | 24 Hawkins Cres, Bundamba QLD 4304 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Eagle Farm | 1105 Kingsford Smith Drive, Eagle Farm QLD 4009 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Eromanga | Cooper Development Road, Eromanga QLD 4480 | Diesel only
  • IOR Gracemere | 146 Foster St, Gracemere QLD 4702 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Injune | 1 Flower Street, Injune QLD 4554 | Diesel, Unleaded Petrol, and Premium Unleaded Petrol
  • IOR Julia Creek | Corner Coyne St & Flinders Hwy, Julia Creek QLD 4823 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Longreach | Cramsie Muttaburra Road, Longreach QLD 4730 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Middlemount | 27 Brahman Street, Middlemount QLD 4746 | Diesel only
  • IOR Miles | 33 Old Cameby Road, Miles QLD 4415 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Murgon | 6 Gesslers Road, Murgon QLD 4605 | Diesel Only
  • IOR Pittsworth | 53 Gap Road, Pittsworth QLD 4356 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Quilpie | 83 Brolga Street, Quilpie QLD 4480 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Roma | Warrego Highway, Roma QLD 4455 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR St George | Carnarvon Highway St George QLD 4487 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Tully | 51 Lentini Road, Silky Oak QLD 4854 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Warwick | 40 Activity Street, Warwick, QLD 4370 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Winton | Woodstock Road, Winton QLD 4735 | Diesel and Adblue
  • Ayr Airport | Avgas only
  • Atherton Airport | Avgas only
  • Birdsville Airport | Avgas only
  • Boonah Airpark | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Charters Towers Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Dalby Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Mareeba Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Maryborough Airport | Avgas only
  • Monduran Airfield | Avgas only
  • Proserpine Airport | Avgas only
  • Thangool | Avgas only
  • Tin Can Bay Marina Fuel Dock | Diesel and Unleaded Petrol

Fuel is near you in the following locations:

  • IOR Boomi | 2 Benson Street, Boomi NSW 2405 | Diesel only
  • IOR Broken Hill | 9-11 Pinnacles Place, Broken Hill NSW 2880 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Cobar | Cnr Wrightville Street & Cornish Street, Cobar NSW 2835 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Deniliquin | 75 – 76 Salesyard Road, Deniliquin NSW 2710 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Gilgandra | 84 Miller Street, Gilgandra NSW 2827 | Diesel only
  • IOR Hillston | The Springs Road, Hillston NSW 2675 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Kempsey | Lot 6 Zylpha Drive, South Kempsey NSW 2440 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Narrabri | 20 Old Newell Highway, Narrabri NSW 2390 | Diesel only
  • IOR Nevertire | Cremorne Street, Nevertire NSW 2826 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Quambone | Yarea Street, Quambone NSW 2831 | Diesel and Unleaded
  • IOR West Wyalong | Showground Road, West Wyalong NSW | Diesel and Adblue

Fuel is near you in the following locations:

  • IOR Ballarat | 25 – 29 Trewin Street, Wendouree VIC 3355
  • Colac Airport | Avgas Only
  • Hamilton Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Kyneton Aero Club | Avgas Only
  • Leongatha Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Tyabb Airport | Avgas and Jet A1
  • Yarram Airport | Avgas Only
  • Yarrawonga Airport | Avgas Only

Fuel is near you in the following locations:

  • IOR Burra | 15/18 West Street, Burra SA 5417 | Diesel and Adblue
  • IOR Ceduna | 92 McKenzie Street, Ceduna SA 5690
  • IOR Port Augusta (North) | Cnr Stuart Highway & Yorkeys Crossing Road, SA 5700
  • IOR Port Augusta (South) | Northern Power Station Road, Port Augusta SA 5700
  • IOR Two Wells | Lot 27 Road Train Road, Two Wells SA 5501

Do you own an independent service station?

Fuelcharge is helping independent service stations reduce their operating costs and build on their revenue.

Cost-effective setup and a simple pricing structure

The cost to get set up is minimal and afterward Fuelcharge takes care of the rest. The Fuelcharge payment model is efficient and easy to understand. Ask us today about our standard rate sheet!

Align with another Australian owned business

Fuelcharge is Australian owned and operated by IOR. Established in 1984, IOR has been perfecting fuel management technology for over a decade and stands to support Australian communities and local businesses.

Access marketing to get more traffic to your buisness

Fuelcharge is connecting Australians with their nearest servo. The app is marketed online using social media advertising, digital display, search engine advertising, and more!

Potential reductions in operating costs

With Fuelcharge, you can scale back on your operations while your customers are still provided with outstanding personalised service.

Eliminate fuel theft

With Fuelcharge, your customers pre-authorise an amount to be held on their credit card before dispensing fuel. This is the amount they expect will cover the cost of the fuel. After re-hanging the nozzle, their bank is immediately instructed to release its hold, and they are charged for the total cost of the fuel.

A viable opportunity to help get a little time back

Take your fuel station beyond its limits and sell fuel 24/7 while getting a little time back to do the things you enjoy.

Contact us today

Find out more about how you could supercharge your business with Fuelcharge.

Call 1800 414 012 or email [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Fuelcharge may be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Search Fuelcharge.

No. In order to download a mobile application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you will need to be logged in. It is suggested you review the following password re-set resources provided by:


The most recent version of Fuelcharge requires you to enable ‘Location Services’ for the app. This may be done in your device settings. Finding the right setting option to enable Location Services for Fuelcharge will depend on your device and your device’s operating system. 

If you are at the fuel site and don’t have Location Services enabled you can instead confirm you are “Already at the Station” at the Fuelcharge prompt and then enter the 6 digit site code appearing next to the pump.

Make sure you select the correct pump number displayed on the app.  

Once you’ve authorised the bowser, you will have up to one minute to begin dispensing fuel into your vehicle, watercraft or aircraft. Unless pumping commences within one minute, the authorization will time out.  The authorization then needs to be repeated if you still require fuel.

For pilots, we recommend you complete earthing procedures before starting your fuel transaction.

Similarly, if you’re refuelling your watercraft, please complete all docking procedures before starting your fuel transaction.

For iPhone and iPad, Fuelcharge requires iOS 11.0 or later. For Apple Watch, watch OS4.3 or later is required. The oldest iPhone compatible with iOS 11.0 is the iPhone 5s. The oldest iPad compatible with iOS 11.0 is the iPad mini 2.

Click to learn to identify your iPhone model and your iPad model.

For Android users, Fuelcharge requires Android 5.1 or later. Android 5.01 and Android 5.02 are not supported. Click to learn to identify and update your Android version.

The pre-authorisation amount is the maximum $ amount of fuel you are expecting to take.  You can select any of the custom pre-authorisation limits on the app, or alternatively, enter your own pre-authorisation limit.  The Pre-authorised $ amount is a temporary hold for that amount that is placed on your account by your bank, until the final $ transaction value is known once the refuelling operation has been completed.  

To avoid any pump overrun, your transaction will typically be terminated slightly before the preauthorisation amount is reached. Please note you will only ever be charged for the actual $ amount of fuel taken as displayed on the pump and this will be the same amount showing on your receipt.

This will happen when the pre-authorisation request was declined by your bank.  This could occur because your card details have been entered incorrectly on the Fuelcharge app, or your card has been reported lost or there are insufficient funds in your account. You could try reducing the pre-authorisation $ amount, or alternatively if you have another card entered in the Fuelcharge app, you can try again with a different card.

Once the fuel transaction has been completed, Fuelcharge immediately instructs your bank to release its temporary hold on any unused funds of the pre-authorised amount and make these available to you. Please note that preauthorisation is a temporary hold your bank puts on your account up to the pre-authorisation amount.  The unused funds remain in your bank account at all times.  

The time-period for the bank to release its temporary hold on your unused funds depends on your bank. For most banks, this will be the  same day day. However, there have been instances where the bank has taken several days to honour Fuelcharge’s instruction to release its hold on your funds.  

Each time you successfully authorise a Fuelcharge transaction at site, where the app has confirmed the pump has been authorised to dispense fuel, you will have created a pre-authorisation amount that is temporarily held against your account by your bank.  Multiple Fuelcharge transaction may be unintended if for example, the authorisation timed out because of excessive delay in unholstering the hose nozzle or an incorrect pump selection.   When a timed-out fuel transaction occurs, Fuelcharge immediately instructs your bank to release its hold on the pre-authorised funds.  No charge is made against your account.  However there may be a delay caused by your bank in releasing its hold on the pre-authorised amount after being instructed by Fuelcharge to do so.

Receipts may be found by selecting the ‘Activity’ button at the bottom of your screen while you’re using the app and you’re signed in. For ease of reference, there is a dollar symbol inside a circle to denote this button.

To purchase fuel using Fuelcharge you will need to have 3G or 4G reception. This is because you will need to send and receive text messages and access the internet.

Our team may be called on 1300 457 467 for support. We can take over the phone Fuelcharge payments during normal business hours for users who may have difficulty on site.

When you sign-up to Fuelcharge you will be prompted to add your credit or debit card. If you skipped this step when signing up, select the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of your screen while using the app and you’re signed in. The menu that appears provides an option to add your credit card.

You may add additional credit cards and debit cards to your profile. After adding an additional credit or debit card, when you pre-authorise your fuel transaction will you subsequently be asked to choose the card to be charged.

Fuelcharge accepts American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Fuelcharge also accepts Visa Debit Card and Debit Mastercard.

Yes, your phone number is required to create an account with Fuelcharge.

If you provide a mobile phone number that does not correspond to the device you’re using, please ensure you have immediate access to this mobile phone. This is because you will receive a unique log-in code which is required to complete the sign-up and sign-in process.

Currently, it is not a requirement to provide your email address. However, it is recommended that you provide your email address so that you may receive receipts via email and so that you may receive special offers and updates about changes to the services provided by Fuelcharge.

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